Safe Operation Guidelines for Battery




Please read carefully and abide by following safety precautions in order to make sure that you use battery in a right way and to avoid the occurrence of fire disaster, personal injury or death, and property loss. At the same time, please search and read safe operation guidelines for products of the brand referring to battery brand data provided by parameters in Quick Start Guide.




1.   Please do not install anode and cathode of battery reversely.


2.   Please do not charge the battery in an airtight container.


3.   Please do not make the battery and circuit board short circuit or dismantle or refit the battery at will.


4.   Please do not charge the battery in the condition where battery temperature range (-20°C to 40°C) are exceeded.


5.   Please do not mix to use new and old battery or batteries with different types or brands, for differences of voltage and capacity existing among batteries may lead to battery discharge or compulsive discharge, bringing more risks of battery leakage, explosion, fire, and personal injury.


6.   If you are going to discard the battery, please use adhesive tape to insulate battery electron shock and obey local rules after making sure battery power is exhausted. If it touches other metal objects or battery, it may cause fire disaster or explosion.


7.   If overheat or smoke occurs during charging, please unplug the battery charger from power socket immediately and stop charging. Otherwise, it may cause fire disaster, high temperature damage, or shock.


8.   If battery leaks, changes color, deforms, smokes, or emits peculiar smell, please turn off the device immediately and take the battery out.


9.   Please do not let the leaking fluid of battery touch your eyes, skin, or clothes. Otherwise, it may cause blindness or skin damage. If the leaking fluid of battery touches your eyes, skin, or clothes, please use plenty of water to wash contact position immediately (do not rub) and go to a doctor instantly.


10.  Please do not make any power line close to heat source, otherwise power line can be deformed or insulation layer may be fused due to heat, and fire disaster or shock accident may be caused.


11.  When you do not use the remote control, please take the battery out from the device and unplug battery socket and connecting line before storing it in order to prevent shock, overheat, fire disaster, and corrosion.


12.  Please do not put the battery in the microwave oven or pressure-cooker.


13.  Please be sure to plug the battery socket completely.


14.  Please do not use humid hand to touch battery socket.


15.  Charging is not allowed when the socket is damp. During charging, please plug power line into right socket (100V-240V/50HZ-60HZ) and avoid children and pet from touching.


16.  If you want to unplug the plug, please hold the battery socket to unplug it and do not pull power line hard.


17.  Please do not scratch, cut off, or over bend power line and do not put heavy objects on it. Besides, please do not bend it or tie a knot.


18.  Please do not connect too many battery sockets on one power socket.


19.  Please do not use power line whose wire or insulation is damaged.


20.  Please do not connect the battery to power socket or car cigarette lighter outlet directly. Battery may leak fluid, produce extra heat, or explode, hence fire disaster, scald or other damages may be caused.


21.  Battery is banned to touch any fluids, and please do not put it in the water or get it wet. Do not use it in the rain or humid environment. A decomposition reaction may occur after battery interior touches water and thus battery may self-ignite even explode. If battery falls into water accidently, please dismantle it immediately and put it at a safe and open area. Adried battery must not be used again.


22.  Using battery in the strong static electricity or magnetic field is forbidden.  


23. Dismantling or puncturing battery by sharp objects in any way is forbidden.


24.  Mechanically hitting, grinding or throwing batter is forbidden, and please do not put heavy objects on the battery. If battery falls or is hit by external force, please stop using it.  


25. Other behaviors that may damage batter are forbidden. 




?Every time before using the product, please make sure the battery is fully charged. 


?Please return as soon as possible when it exceeds the reasonable run time by 30 minutes. 


?Every time before using charger, please check whether its case, wire rod, and socket are damaged. Using damaged charger is forbidden. Please disconnect charger from power source when not using it.




?Do not charge battery excessively, otherwise it will shorten the life of battery cell.


?If battery is not used for a long time, it will influence its performance and life.


?Please charge and discharge it once every 3 months in order to keep battery activity.


?Battery that just ends using is at high temperate, charging it immediately is forbidden. Please charge it after its temperature falls to indoor level.




?Please keep battery at the position where children and pet can’t touch.


?Putting battery at the area close to heat sources (stove or heater, etc.) and in the car in hot days is forbidden. Please store battery in the environment that is ventilated and dry and where the temperature is between -20°C and 40°C. Please store battery in a dry environment.


?Do not store battery for a long time after discharging it totally in order to prevent battery from damaging and being not available due to over-discharge.




?If you are going to discard the battery, please use adhesive tape to insulate battery electron shock and obey local rules after discharging it totally. If it touches other metal objects or battery, it may cause fire disaster or explosion.




Please be sure to read the Quick Start Guide, Safe Operation Guidelines for Battery, Disclaimer and Safe Operation Guidelines, Warranty Card, List of Items before use, and conduct operations after being familiar with the functions and instructions of the products. Failure to operate the product properly may cause serious damage to oneself or others, or cause product damage or other property loss. This product is more complex and requires some basic safety knowledge to operate. If no strong sense of safety, improper operation may result in product damage or other property loss, and even cause serious harm to oneself or others. Please strictly follow the guidelines for installation and use of products, carefully read all instructions and warnings in Quick Start Guide, Safe Operation Guidelines for Battery, Disclaimer and Safe Operation Guidelines, Warranty Card and List of Items. Do not operate this product unauthorized without fully mastering the correct operation technique. If not, the user is responsible for personal injury or material damage.


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