Safe Operation Guidelines


Basic Operating Instructions

1. 环境需求

1. Environmental requirements


The tank can be driven on hard and stable outdoor ground.


The tank can be driven in the snow, but should not be driven on the ice to the greatest extent, to prevent the tank from sinking into the water caused by damage to the ice surface.


The tank can be driven into the water surface the muddy ground (equal to or lower than 50mm), to avoid wading into the water or mud to the greatest extent. Driving in the sand or sand-gravel is not recommended to prevent the track from being damaged.


When operating indoors, it is not advisable to drive the tank on the tile or brittle ground, which may cause damage to the ground.


This product should be operated under good weather and environmental conditions.


Please operate this product in the place where there are few pedestrians.


2. 检查

2. Inspection


Make sure that the device and the remote-controller can be fully charged.


Make sure that the tank track and on-board accessories can be securely installed.


Make sure that the track has not been damaged. Continuing use of the damaged parts may cause damage to other parts. In order to reduce your loss, please promptly replace the original components and parts.


3. 保养

3. Maintenance


This product should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, in order to reduce the direct sunlight to prevent the battery from overheating. If this product is required for long-term storage, the batteries should be stored in accordance with the safety precautions as set forth in Safe Operation Guidelines for Battery and Disclaimer and Safe Operation Guidelines.


If wading into the water or mud accidentally, the tank should be closed in time. After closing, the outside of the tank should be wiped off with a dry cloth in time before drying; the tank should be operated in a dry and ventilated environment; the water on the track of the tank should be removed completely. After the track is completely dried, any maintenance oil should be sprayed (including the edible oil), to prevent the (steel) track from rusting.


If the product is required to be stored for a long time, the protective agent or anti-oxidant for aluminum products should be regularly sprayed on the aluminum surface, or the tank should be coated with the primer.


4. 搬运

4. Handling


Because of the sharp edges of the metal parts, when installing and handling, please be sure to take any preventive measures during operation with care to avoid any accidental scratches.


When handling the tank, please be sure to take any preventive measures to avoid any accidental injury.


When handling the tank into a vehicle, please be sure to protect the interior of the vehicle when handling. After handling the tank into a vehicle, the track should be fixed with a square timber or small hard object in the front and at the rear of the track, to prevent the track from moving, causing any loss of item or property.


When selecting a logistics company for long-distance transportation, please be sure to use the original product packaging or carry through packaging by reference to the original product packaging. Please make sure that your products can be safely transported during the course of logistics to avoid any unnecessary losses.


Due to overweight of this product, it is recommended that a boarding frame should be prepared to facilitate the shipping of the tank.



Safe Operation:


Please keep away from the tank in operation. When operating, the tank must be controlled in sight. Please be sure to keep the tank at least 5m (or above) away from pedestrians, pets, obstacles, fragile products, water surface and other items.


In the normal temperature environment, the maximum travel time of the tank can be up to 40 minutes. The service life of the battery will be attenuated in the cold and low-temperature environment. Please pay attention to the control time and return in time.


If there is a collision during operation of the tank, the operating lever of remote controller should be pulled down to the lowest level to turn off the power.


When closing the tank, the machine should be shut down before turning off the remote controller.


※ This data shall be considered as the test results obtained under the ideal environment, temperature and other conditions, which will be varied in actual use.



※ Warning:


This product is not a toy, it is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 years old. Always keep this product out of reach of children and pets. Please keep careful when operating in the environment of children and pets.


Safe operation is very important for the safety of you and your surrounding people and the environment. Please carefully read the Disclaimer and Safe Operation Guidelines.


In actual operation, please try to avoid the sudden acceleration of this product, which may cause the tank's track to knock down the side plate, resulting in permanent damage to the product and personal injury.


This product cannot be used for any other purpose beyond the scope of use.